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Updated on SoS - Introducing CARIS

Introducing CARMIS - Codes of Antibiotic Responsive Medical Infections associated with Sepsis. In a previous blog I developed the work on SoS codes of Matt Inada-Kim to focus on those codes that are are associated with high mortality infections. Having just completed the first GIRFT deep dive, this concept worked, but was clear it needs development. The first is with the "branding", and we need a new name that more clearly distinguishes this from sepsis, and makes it clear that it is derived from Hospital Episode Statistics. I also felt we needed more categories, to make the reasoning clearer. It is hard to know how to deal with things like aspiration pneumonia and COPD. These have amongst the highest mortalities of any common disease, but it is debatable how much antibiotics contribute to management. Similarly, surgical conditions that are principally managed through intervention (certainly perforation, but also probably cholangitis) muddy the waters. My latest feeling is